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Contribute to Geocache RI


Posted March 22, 2015  /   By Geocache RI  /  0 Comments

Have an idea for a weekly article?  Want to share your geocaching adventures with a local community?  Let us know – we are looking for volunteer article contributors.

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Working on the Site…


Posted March 21, 2015  /   By Geocache RI  /  0 Comments

While it would have been nice to do some caching today, we decided to work a little on the site – especially since it snowed again!

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Coming Soon!

Snowy Rhode Island

Posted March 18, 2015  /   By Geocache RI  /  0 Comments

Wow, what a winter! Geocaching was put on the back-burner for most of us during this historically snowy season.  In fact, it was for the most part quite impossible in most places. Well, the melting has started and Spring is only a few days away!

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